MSc 2 elective  // Combination of studio and field work // Realistic assignment
Inclusivity: elderly as part of our community // Rethinking the existing built environment


This studio focuses on the topic of the living environment for the elderly by rethinking the ‘old style’ nursing homes and transforming them into radically new mixed living environment.
The nursing homes, built in the 1960s, do not respond to the desires of the elderly of today, who want to support themselves as long as possible and not be excluded from society. Consequently, a huge amount of elderly homes ‘old style’ are vacant, waiting for demolition.
We argue that demolition is not the best option. In this studio, we will use the ‘old style’ nursing homes as a playground for both the discussion on and design for radically new mixed dwelling concepts, in which elderly with and without care demands can live in an inclusive environment.
This studio is organized in collaboration with housing association Habion. For more information, please visit our website.