Photo: Dr. Leeke Reinders



The MSc 3 Studio ‘Designing for Care – towards an Inclusive Living Environment’ focuses on the topic of the daily environment for the elderly who need care. The elderly homes, built in the 1960s, do not respond to the desires of the elderly of today, who want to be self-supportive and not excluded from society. Consequently, a huge amount of elderly homes ‘old style’ are vacant, waiting for transformation. Next to that, new architectural designs for people with care demand need to offer an environment for a mixed community. The main question that we will answer in this studio is: how do we want to live when we need care and what kind of buildings and neighbourhoods do we need to make that possible?

In this Dutch Housing Graduation Studio we will search for new concepts for dwelling and neighbourhoods that include the less mobile and more vulnerable elderly.

The design assignment involves the design of a housing project and its environment. You will have the choice to transform an elderly home, or to design a new building. Main focus is the discussion of new ideas for an inclusive living environment, in which elderly, with and without care demands, will be part of the community.
We will closely work together with Habion, a housing association that specializes in housing the elderly. Habion owns ‘old style’ elderly homes and locations where they plan to build new buildings, buildings that will not carry the name ‘elderly home’ any more. The choice between transformation and new building design is up to you. To understand the target group, you will visit elderly homes, stay there, interview the inhabitants, care-partners, and possible other target groups to understand the different demands. With your design you will open the discussion for radically new ideas.


March 2018-July 2018